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Winter Unconference planned 9 December!

You might wonder what we have been up to in the last few months. In earlier years, we would have announced the date for our end-of-year conference. But as you know, we moved our conference to last June to prevent Covid impact.

After discussing with the ThingsCon core team, we all agreed it would be a pity not to organize something at the end of the year as well. What we liked during the last edition was the compact and intense energy a smaller crowd brings along. In order to deliberately target those qualitative interactions, we believe in bringing a focussed community together in an ‘unconference’ on December 9th in Rotterdam (Het Nieuwe Instituut).


No unconference without a loosely set theme. We regard this as a starting point, something that can grow, where other things can branch off from or completely transform.
Last year we introduced the notion of EVERY_ as a representation of the fluid state of IoT; as we live and interact in an increasingly connected reality. We also see this evolving into new extremes, such as the discussions about Web3, the metaverse, and digital twins.
At ThingsCon, we feel the need to extend this discourse into understanding more about what is the real//real and what is virtual//real.
We welcome any contribution that is loosely related to this topic. Critique, ideas, projects, experiments, our stage will be open … even for super last-minute interventions.

More details on the conference page

Find more details on the program on the (un)conference page.