ThingsCon 2022

ThingsCon 2022
9 & 10 June
Keilepand, Rotterdam

Join us for the first in-person edition of ThingsCon since 2019! We have already a nice list of sessions and talks, scroll 👇

You can also expect the exhibition with an overview of interesting work, a special badge, and a fine mix of designers, practitioners, academics, and others.

Find more information on our new location, and of course on ticket sales.


Last year we introduced the notion of EVERY_ as a representation of the fluid state of IoT; as we live and interact in increasingly connected reality. We also see this evolving into new extremes, such as the discussions about Web3, the metaverse, and digital twins.

At ThingsCon we feel the need to extend this discourse into understanding more about what is the real//real and what is virtual//real.

  • What new boundaries are being set?
  • How will perceptions and experiences shift within these spaces, or at the edge of these spaces, and in the transitions in-between?
  • What is the twin?
  • Is it defined by characteristics, by identities? Or simply by presence, actions, and behaviors?
  • And what level of ethics and morality – or regulation – will preside, govern and guide?

In this edition of ThingsCon we would like to dive deep into this no-man’s-land of reality and existence. Inspired from the viewpoint of tangible objects in the physical world. Objects and spaces that may evolve to become the physical twins of our virtual life. 

Program (in progress)

Find the preliminary schedule on the program page.

Our program for ThingsCon 2022 Summer Edition will be updated in the coming weeks. Let us share the first talks and sessions:


Workshops, sessions:

More to follow!

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As every year we will show a nice overview of interesting projects and student work at our exhibition. Let us know if you have a project to show (see below).


We have different tickets for students and a special price for teams. You can choose to participate in the community dinner on Thursday direct after the program. For logistic planning, these tickets are available until the 1st of June.

Go to the registration page for all options.

Get involved

We have shaped the outlines of the program and the first sessions confirmed. But, do you have an idea for a workshop, session, or project you want to show? Let us know! Also if you like to suggest projects or sessions by others.

We will give all the attention to the workshops and sessions we have missed in the last two years. And enough time to wander around the exhibition space meeting others and exploring interesting work.

That said: we have as always room for showing the best work. From practitioners and students. Please reach out if you have work yourself that you like to see, or if there is work that you think we should invite. 

We are especially looking for work to show at the exhibition. You can use this from: