IoTDay informal gathering – 9 April

9 April is IoT Day, an initiative started by Rob van Kranenburg years ago. Longtime ThingsCon partner Creating010, a research center part of Rotterdam University of Applied Sciences had planned to organize another edition of IoT Rotterdam and we planned to organize a masterclass on Responsible Design for IoT. The conference was canceled for the obvious reasons and […]

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ThingsCon Salon Eindhoven – June

One of the ThingsCon Salons in the works for this year, is planned for mid June in Eindhoven or online. We are  partnering with IoT Eindhoven to organize this Salon with the working title: “Don’t be Evil: Building a Trustmark for Responsible Technology Business” In the next newsletter we will be able to share more details, but expect an […]


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Resurrecting IoT darlings

What happens when the digital service that powers your favourite smart product stops working? You are often left with a beautiful but lifeless pobject. But in special cases communities form that bring your smart darling back to life. In this Thingscon Salon on May 16th we want to learn from these IoT voodoo-masters.